Types of Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate fountains are usually divided in two types – commercial and home, however, there are several different designs and sizes, while there is also a difference of materials used for manufacturing chocolate fountains.

Chocolate Fountain Display Led baseThe most obvious difference between the chocolate fountains for commercial and for personal use is their size. Majority of people for personal use usually buys about 19 inches tall fountains, also called mini chocolate fountains, while the chocolate fountains for commercial use can be tall up to 56 inches. Thus commercial chocolate fountain can hold up to 66 pounds of chocolate fondue and can serve up to 330 people, while the chocolate fountain for personal use can hold up only about 6 pounds of chocolate what is enough for serving about 30 people. Besides in size, difference between home and commercial chocolate fountains is also in the material from which they are made. While the commercial chocolate fountains are made of stainless steel, the home chocolate fountains are usually made of plastic or regular steel.

Chocolate fountains of America can be also divided in different types according to the way of basin heating which is essential for keeping the chocolate liquid and of driving the central corkscrew auger which provides the consistent flow of chocolate, the most significant characteristic of chocolate fountain. Thus chocolate fountains can be also divided on fountains driven by an electric or by a battery. Other than that there are only details in design, while the final result is more or less equally delicious “chocolate waterfall” the taste of which also greatly depends on chocolate used for fondue.

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