Occasions appropriate for Chocolate Fountain

There is probably any occasion that would not be appropriate for offering a chocolate fountain to your guests whether is a small friendly or family gathering in your backyard or official reception, wedding, business party or gala evening. Chocolate fountains become so popular and trendy in America that they are practically a must for every hostess who wants to follow the newest trends. Thus you will not do wrong if you will offer your guests the chocolate fountain whatever kind of a party or celebration you are organizing.

Home chocolate fountains are very easy to use and you can made a delicious fountain by your self if you are following the instructions for use and if you use the appropriate chocolate for your machine. There are countless ways and recipes how to make a perfect chocolate fountain, while you can experiment on your own as well.

However, home chocolate fountains can hold up only to 6 pounds of chocolate what can accommodate about 30 people. If you expecting greater number of guests you will have to refill it several times and meanwhile leaving your guests to wait what can be very inconvenient. To assure an interrupted flow of delicious chocolate for greater number of people you will need a commercial chocolate fountain which can be rented at a catering company. You can either operate it on your own or leave out everything to the catering company what is probably more convenient if you are expecting greater amount of people.

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