How to Use Chocolate Fountain

Everything seems great and easy on the pictures and television, however, in real life in most case is not so. For that reason is important to keep in mind few details how to properly use the chocolate fountain so that your guests will be delighted over your chocolate fountain.

Before starting the chocolate fountain is necessary to melt the chocolate you intend to use in a microwave or double boiler. However, before pouring the melted chocolate in the fountain make sure your chocolate fountain is leveled otherwise the flow will be inconsistent. Besides that also make sure that the tiers are correctly assembled and that the table on which you intend to put the fountain is sturdy enough and stable, especially if you preparing larger quantities of chocolate.

Once you double checked everything you carefully pour the melted chocolate into the fountain and start the auger. However, keep in mind that chocolate fountain is designed for running for approximately 2 to 3 hours and that using it for a longer period can cause the motor to overheat. But remember also that if the the fountain is turned off only for few minutes the chocolate in the auger will harden and the fountain will be not working unless you clean the hardened chocolate in the auger.

Besides following the instructions how to properly use the chocolate fountain do not forget to put napkins on the serving table and a small waste bin near the table with the fountain. After all, people of all ages can get very messy at the chocolate fountain.

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