Foods to dip in Chocolate Fountain

If you are considering to offer your guest the chocolate fountain you also have to offer something to dip in the chocolate. There are countless foods and fruits which can be offered for dipping in the chocolate and the choice is all yours, however, before counting just few of the most popular it is important to mention that whatever you intend to offer make sure that their size is right and that double dipping is unnecessary.

Very popular for dipping in the chocolate are variety of fresh as well as dried food, however, any fruits used for dipping must be air dried: strawberries, cherries, seedless grapes, blackberries, kiwi, raspberries, pineapple, melon, apple, mango, papaya, figs, etc. Very good for dipping in the chocolate are also the bananas, however, after a while they start to darken and do not look particularly nice even if they are fresh. For that reason it is probably best to avoid offering bananas for dipping if you are hosting greater number of people.

Besides fruits can be dipped in the chocolate also variety of foods: variety of bakery, cookies, crisped rice, crackers, etc. It is impossible to count everything that can be offered for dipping in the chocolate fountain. However, whatever you will decide to offer your guests do not forget that tastes are very different so it is probably the best the offer a little bit of this and a little bit that so there will be something for everyone.

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