Chocolate used for Chocolate Fountains

To make the chocolate fountain as delicious as it looks it is very important to choose the appropriate chocolate. It is probably not necessary to mention that all chocolates we buy at the store are nor equally delicious. Besides choosing the chocolate with good taste is also necessary to use chocolate high in cocoa butter which is crucial for ensuring the consistent flow of chocolate.

Chocolates we buy in store are usually low in cocoa butter and to use such chocolate for chocolate fountain it is necessary to add a special additive for fountain to work. Most frequently is used some sort of vegetable oil, however, the idea of adding an oil does not sound particularly tempting itself, not to mention that the oil affects the taste of the chocolate by giving it a slimy and gritty taste. For that reason it is best to use the couverture chocolate which usually contains at least 32% of cocoa butter or various couverture products which are selling the companies which also purchase or rent chocolate fountains.

Before pouring the chocolate into the fountain is usually necessary to melt the chocolate earlier in a microwave or double boiler because few chocolate fountains have capacity to melt the chocolate directly in the basin. Besides that it is important not to use any nuts or parts of fruits (including chocolate containing nuts, parts of nuts or parts of fruits) in the chocolate fountain because the small pieces can get stuck in the auger.

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