Chocolate Fountain History

The inspiration for today’s world wide popular chocolate fountains was probably the famous British novelist Roald Dahl with his children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, first published in 1964. One of the most popular children’s stories of the 20th century which was also adapted by two motion pictures (Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005 – starring Johnny Depp) is also describing “rivers” and “waterfalls” of chocolate.

CFO Medium Chocolate FountainThe first chocolate fountain as we know today was manufactured by a Canadian company Design & Realisation in 1991. However, the first responses on the market were relatively low until began to manufacture and to advertise chocolate fountains also the US companies Buffet Enhancements and Sephra. The first chocolate fountains were exclusively commercial, very expensive and delicate to use and maintain, however, the growing popularity and demand for home models forced the manufacturer to produce chocolate fountains easy to use at affordable prices for everyday consumers.

The first chocolate fountain for personal use (Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain) was manufactured by the Helman Group, LTD and came to market in 2004 (Factory from China Chocolate Fountain Manufacturer), while many other companies followed shortly afterwards. Chocolate fountains for personal use which are targeted for everyday consumers with prices affordable for every household and easy to use had a great impact on growing popularity of chocolate fountains. Today chocolate fountains can be found in many American households, while catering industry is facing increasing number of chocolate fountains requests for various occasions. Besides that chocolate fountains are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world.

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